Hue Digital Art Exhibition: Discover the Magic

Hue Digital Art Exhibition: Discover the Magic

Hue Digital Art Exhibition: Discover the MagicImagine a place where you can see amazing Hue Digital Art Exhibition that connects the past with the future. Songlab is a brand-new digital art show that takes you on an awesome journey into the history of Hue. It’s like stepping into a time machine that’s also a canvas for today’s technology.

Hue Digital Art Exhibition: Where to Find It


You can see all this cool art on the fourth floor of the Songplatform building on Ba Trieu Street in Hue City. It’s a big space, about 1,000 square meters, filled with digital art that celebrates Hue’s incredible history.

Hue Digital Art Exhibition: Five Awesome Rooms

Songlab is divided into five rooms, each with its own special theme and artistic style. Let’s explore them!

Room 1: New Beginnings In the first room, you’ll find 3D paintings by artist Nguyen Ngoc Quy. They look like real flowers and shown on TV screens. Quy’s art sends a strong message about embracing diversity and cherishing nature.

Room 2: Red Dragon Get ready to be amazed by “Red Dragon.” This room is inspired by the stunning architecture of the Imperial Citadel, and it’s like watching a captivating movie. And then, The artist, Jiohan, adds some cool art to make it even more fantastic.

Room 3: The Grand Centerpiece This room is the heart of the exhibition, and it’s really big, about 500 square meters! It showcases three amazing works that use light to bring Hue’s life, people, and landscapes to life. You’ll feel like you’re in a busy market, winding alleys, and the enchanting streets of Hue.

Room 4: Sunset Magic “Reflection” by artist MxC takes you to the beautiful landscapes of Lang Co Bay. You’ll see mesmerizing sunsets reflected in the sky and water, and you can even play with the art using a special system.

Room 5: Abstract Cuisine In the last room, “Abstract Cuisine” by Cuong shows off Hue’s yummy food using 3D pictures. You’ll get a taste of everything from regular dishes to royal feasts.

The Vision Behind Songlab

Duong Do, the creative genius behind Songlab, named it to symbolize a laboratory for experimenting with lifestyle and art. “Song” means life, and “lab” stands for laboratory. This project has been in the works for five years and had an investment of over $1.2 million.

Hue Digital Art Exhibition: Cutting-Edge Technology

To make Songlab a reality, Duong Do’s team joined forces with experts who worked on the lighting projection system for the Van Gogh exhibition in Singapore. The result is a unique art space in Hue that’s on par with famous art spots like Future World in Singapore, Teamlab Borderless in Tokyo, Japan, and L’Atelier des Lumières in Paris, France.

Challenges and Security

One of the biggest challenges was keeping all the machinery in top shape. Projectors had to be just right, with the correct aperture, capacity, and resolution. And then, The team also needed a special space for cooling, maintenance, and a tight security system to protect against any sneaky hackers.

A Space for Everyone

Songlab’s first artworks are all inspired by Hue, making it a special place where you can explore and appreciate art in your own way. Visual artist Tung Monkey helps select the best pieces before they’re shown to the public.

Bright Future for Art in Hue

Phan Le Chung from Hue University of Arts loved the use of modern technology in the digital art pieces while still capturing the spirit of Hue. He believes this space will become a regular destination for artists from all over the nation.

Exciting Plans Ahead

Songlab opened its doors on October 20 and has big plans for the future. They’re planning international cultural exchanges, themed workshops, and contemporary art talk shows. It’s a creative hub that keeps growing!