‘PC Gamer’ Turns a Blind Eye: Women’s Contributions Ignored in Gaming History

'PC Gamer' Turns a Blind Eye: Women's Contributions Ignored in Gaming History

Introduction: Oops! PC Gamer Forgot Someone

Hey there, young gamers! ‘PC Gamer’, a big magazine about video games, recently celebrated 30 years of video games. That’s a long time! But, they missed something important. They didn’t mention any girls or women who have helped make video games great. Let’s talk about why we should remember the girls and women in video games too.

Girls in Gaming: They’re Here Too!

Video games are not just made by boys and men. Girls and women help make them too! They come up with cool ideas, draw amazing pictures, write exciting stories, and even play the games really well. But sometimes, people forget about their hard work. It’s important to remember and celebrate what girls and women do in video games.

Awesome Ladies: They Made History

When we look closely at the history of video games, we can find a lot of girls and women who did amazing things, like in betslot. People like Roberta Williams and Amy Hennig who made great games, and Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn and Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey who are super good at playing games. They all helped make video games awesome and fun.

Why We Should Care: Everyone Deserves a High-Five

Everyone likes to be noticed when they do something great, right? But sometimes, girls and women in video games don’t get the high-fives they deserve. This can make other girls think that only boys can be good at video games. But that’s not true! We need to make sure we cheer for girls and women in video games too.

Time for a Change: Let’s Include Everyone

Forgetting about girls and women in ‘PC Gamer’s big celebration was a mistake. We need to make sure that everyone who loves video games, no matter who they are, can be part of the fun. That means we need to listen to everyone’s voices and celebrate everyone’s great work.

Looking Ahead: Yay for Girls in Gaming!

As we get excited about new video games, let’s remember to cheer for the girls and women who help make them. Big magazines like ‘PC Gamer’ need to make sure they include everyone in their stories. By remembering to celebrate girls and women, we can learn about all the cool things they do in video games.

Conclusion: A Big High-Five for Everyone

To wrap up, ‘PC Gamer’ made a mistake by forgetting about girls and women in their big celebration. But, we know that girls and women do lots of cool things in video games. So, let’s make sure we cheer for everyone who helps make video games great. It’s time to give a big high-five to all the girls and women in video games! Let’s make sure everyone feels welcome in the world of gaming.